Important Considerations When Hiring a Python Developer


October 19, 2018

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Terrific, you have decided to hire a Python developer. Having a skilled Python developer will definitely offer your business a lot of advantages. To help in identifying the perfect team member, we offer you a few things to consider.

Job Description

We have found a critical step in identifying the right candidate, is to ensure you have created a comprehensive job description. Obviously, you know your business needs better than anybody. Beyond knowing the tools your ideal candidate will be working with, have you evaluated which are “must have” vs. “nice to have” skills?

Each candidate you screen will offer a unique skill set. Pre-determining level of competency of each critical skill and tool will make it much easier to filter out less qualified candidates, and allow you to focus on providing strategic mentoring during project development.

One of the most powerful benefits of investing time in this process in addition to adding focus to your recruitment efforts, is an improved screening process.

Lastly in addition to skills, ensure you are making a good cultural fit by including company introduction, other job responsibilities, etc.

Testing the Candidate’s Skills

How do you know which candidates are really proficient in Python? One simple way of finding out is to test their skills. If you have had experience in recruiting Python developers before, testing a candidate’s skill should be something you’re familiar with. It goes without saying that the most effective tests are those that try to simulate aspects of a project.

One solution is to administer a coding test. If you don’t have time to create your own testing tools, consider products like Codility, which has standard tests for many of the tools you are currently using.
In addition to evaluating the developer’s skill set, it is also important to consider other factors like:

  • How proactive is the candidate? Does the candidate take initiative in offering suggestions or possible solutions?
  • How good is the potential hire in processing information? Does the candidate ask questions?
    Can the candidate communicate his or her ideas properly?

By going through these questions, you should get a better idea not only of the candidate’s technical proficiency, but also work attitude, problem-solving capabilities, and even communication skills.

Where to Find Python Developers

Python developers are everywhere., as well as dozens of online communities and developer forums existing in the Internet, typically attract some of the most skilled Python developers in the world. Needless to say, because the Python programming language is immensely popular (it’s the third most popular programming language behind JavaScript and Java), the job market for Python developers naturally remains very competitive.

When contemplating your relationship with your new developer, there are several ways to structure your relationship:

  1. Many companies prefer to hire an in-house Python developer.
  2. An alternative may be to work on a project basis. In this case, you may consider acquiring the services of a freelance developer. There is no shortage of freelance Python experts out there. If you go to, you can easily post a job offer in order to attract Pythonists eager to complete a short-term project for a certain rate. But can your company get optimum results from a part-time Python developer only?

Here at CoDev, we think your business deserves more, and that’s why we are offering a solution that allows you to hire a dedicated Python developer without many of the hiring headaches and high costs.

Not only do you get to hire a full-time Python developer who works exclusively for you, but you also get a partner who will take care of screening, HR functions and providing support to your developer or software team.

That is exactly what we do — CoDev will help you find the perfect Python developer for your business, and we will even handle the HR, administrative, payroll, and logistics aspects of setting up your offshore developer’s office in the Philippines, where developer salaries are way more affordable. Contact us now.



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