The Quest for Quality: Ethical QA in the Age of AI and Machine Learning

Join us as we discover the role of Ethical Quality Assurance (QA) amidst the evolving landscape of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML).

May 17, 2024 at 7-8PM

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The Quest for Quality: Ethical QA in the Age of AI and Machine Learning

Join us for a lively discussion on ethical QA in the age of AI and ML. Learn the practical strategies to ensure your software development stays ethical and innovative. 

CoDev Webinar: Ethical QA in the age of AI and Machine Learning

Navigating Ethical QA

Understanding the significance of Ethical QA in the digital age.

Understanding Ethics in AI and ML Software

Exploring the ethical implications of AI and ML in software development.

Real-Life Examples

Investigate case studies to integrate ethical considerations into QA processes.

Joie Ann Grace Gonzalez

Meet the Speaker

Joie Ann Grace Gonzalez

QA Developer, CoDev

Meet Joie, a seasoned QA Developer with over 12 years of expertise. Currently serving as a QA Developer at CoDev, she specializes in test planning, manual testing, quality metrics, and DevOps practices. Joie’s industry experience includes telecommunications (Globe), airlines (Delta), and banking (Metrobank), giving her a vast skillset in diverse fields. Known for her collaborative leadership, Joie champions innovation and continuous improvement within her team. With a proactive approach to challenges, she navigates the evolving landscape of AI, ensuring project success. Join us as Joie shares her insights in our upcoming webinar!

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