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We take pride in providing our clients with the right talent at the right time. We apply a comprehensive vetting process that includes English and coding assessments, background checks, education screenings, code samples, and multiple interviews.


Founded 13 years ago, CoDev connects highly-skilled developers from emerging nations such as the Philippines with small and medium-sized businesses in the US and Canada. 

Our goal is to empower coders from the world’s most exciting markets, so they can partner with US and Canadian visionaries to create groundbreaking products for the online world.

Technically Skilled

CoDev recruits technical talent from throughout emerging nations. When we hire, we hire for the long term. We’re proud and passionate about our employees – past and present.

We test our employee’s hard skills using a combination of third-party testing through the industry-leading assessment tool Codility and a panel of engineering experts who constantly work to refine our interview evaluation processes.

We also test language skills to make sure that our developers can contribute effectively to the team that they’ll be a part of using the recognized language assessment tool TrueNorth.

Because CoDev employees are long-term investments of the company, we prize voracious learners with an eagerness to contribute and build that into our recruiting process.

At CoDev, we believe that we’re all a work in progress. But we also know that progress is slower if you don’t want it. We look for that hunger for progress in our employees and make it a key part of our assessment process – both to hire and to retain.

CoDev has an experienced group of coaches that do bi-weekly one-on-ones with our employees to keep them learning. Experts at providing feedback, these coaches strive to make every day a CoDev employee comes to the office an opportunity to grow for a better life.

CoDev aspires to keep all of its employees for the long term. When an engagement ends, CoDev talent goes into a program to ready them for their next engagement and reskill them if necessary.

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The Hiring Process

We apply a comprehensive vetting process that includes English and coding assessments, background checks, education screenings, code samples, and multiple interviews.

Candidates provide their background in our proprietary hiring system. Approved candidates who meet our experience criteria are then asked to complete technical skills assessments (Codility when available or using expert interviews where a skill is not covered by Codility’s testing library). All candidates complete TrueNorth’s language testing.

CoDev’s Customer Success Manager along with our recruiter will use your Job Description to create a profile in our candidate database. The best matches for your job description will be reviewed by your CoDev team and you will be recommended a list to review.

You’ll be given access to our customer portal where the recommended candidates will be presented to you. In the portal, you can comment on candidates and request an interview.

The final step interviews. We have suggested interview questions for customers, but this is really your time to review your candidates and make sure they’re a great fit for your team.

After Hiring: Our Customer Success Model

Each customer is provided with a customer success manager whose job is to use well-tested processes to integrate our developers into the customer’s organization and make sure they are up and contributing – fast.

The same portal that you used to choose candidates is also used for ongoing relationship management with your employee. If you have feedback, put it into our portal and our coaches will use that to drive more of the behaviors you want.

No longer need your CoDev Employee?

We know that all good things sometimes come to an end. We just request that you provide us with 30 days notice so that we can find a good opportunity for your CoDev employee.

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Our Guarantees.

If CoDev doesn’t meet your expectations in the first 2 weeks, we will reimburse what you paid us.

If your developer is not meeting expectations, we can find you a new one at no cost to you.

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