Exploring AI and Automation in Boosting Dev Team Productivity

Jan Feliciano

August 28, 2023

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Today, modern software development is evolving into a state of near automation. The synergistic power of AI, Artificial Intelligence, and automation has emerged as a formidable force, propelling developers toward levels of productivity that have never been possible before. The high demand for mastering multiple programming languages has been minimized thanks to artificial intelligence.

Various generative AI programs and sites such as DeepCode or Visual Studio Code have emerged and support various programming languages and speed up the software development lifecycle. But how effective is it?

How AI Coding Tools Have Improved Productivity

A conducted study has been performed to see just how vast the difference is. Sida Peng and his colleagues from Microsoft Research, GitHub, and MIT investigated the effects of the GitHub Copilot AI tool on programmers’ productivity. This research observed the effect of AI on productivity devs and task completion. They gathered 70 participants with an average of 6 years of coding experience, spending around 9 hours coding daily. These participants were tasked with creating an HTTP server using JavaScript. Half the participants were assigned to the treatment group and utilized the GitHub Copilot AI tool.

In contrast, the remaining participants comprised the control group that did not utilize any AI tools. The participants had an average of 6 years of coding experience and reported dedicating approximately 9 hours per day to coding. As a result, it is justifiable to regard these participants as experienced developers.

Study Findings

The conclusion of the study found that Generative AI tools offer the potential to enhance human efficiency. The group with access to the AI coding partner finished the assignment 55.8% more swiftly than the control group. The diverse impacts observed indicate the encouraging potential of AI coding partners in assisting individuals in transitioning to careers in software development.

The pivotal discovery emerging from the study underscores a marked contrast in task completion times between programmers who employed AI and those who did not. Specifically, the programmers who did not utilize AI devoted an average of 160.89 minutes (equivalent to 2.7 hours) to accomplish the task. In contrast, their AI-assisted counterparts achieved the same task in an average of 71.17 minutes (approximately 1.2 hours). This discrepancy in completion times is statistically significant, indicating that the difference is unlikely to have occurred by chance.

AI in Productivity

There was no significant difference in the code quality between those who used AI tools and those who didn’t, proving that AI tools are effective since they can still deliver the same quality. Generative AI has allowed them to increase the speed of writing code as the AI-generated code is just as effective in helping them complete their coding tasks.

To contextualize the impact further, if we imagine a regular 40-hour work week, programmers without AI could handle about 14.9 similar tasks during that time. But those who used the Copilot AI could manage a much higher number, about 33.7 tasks. This is a big improvement in the development process, with around 126% more tasks done.

In summary, these three studies collectively showcase the positive impact of AI tools, like GitHub Copilot, on programmers’ productivity, especially for less-experienced developers and those with fewer coding hours.

AI Tools for Elevating Developer Productivity

With proven advantages of how AI can greatly increase productivity, the logical thing that all software developers should do is start incorporating AI. AI developer tools revolutionized this process, and its impact resonates most profoundly in purpose-built tools designed to address specific development challenges. It increases the speed of the developer’s work. Not only through generative AI but since most AI is capable of machine learning, it can help developers use it even though they are already working with an existing code.

Within this paradigm, a series of AI tools has risen to prominence, each offering unique solutions to augment developer productivity. Here are five AI tools that you could use:

Find: Tailored AI Search Engine for Developers

Phind is an AI tool that acts as a specialized search engine meticulously curated for developers. In contrast to general-purpose AI tools, Phind’s focus is unwaveringly directed towards developers’ needs. It bridges the gap between insightful responses to specific queries and supplementary links culled from searches and would even offer code suggestions. The unique aspect of Phind’s approach is its seamless integration of AI-generated answers, machine learning capabilities, and associated search results, providing context-rich insights. Notably, Phind’s contributions to coding questions tend to outperform those of broader AI alternatives like ChatGPT.

bloop.ai: Streamlining Repository Exploration

The intricate process of comprehending and navigating GitHub repositories can be remarkably time-consuming, particularly when seeking to understand code structures or locate specific sections. bloop.ai endeavors to expedite this onboarding phase. By enabling developers to clone entire GitHub projects and seek AI-driven insights about the repository, bloop.ai ushers in a new era of efficiency. This tool becomes especially invaluable during knowledge transfer within organizations, where a swift understanding of inherited codebases is critical.

Codeium: Real-time Code Assistance

The realm of AI-assisted tools is significantly enriched by Codeium, an innovative solution that provides contextual suggestions as developers craft their code. Functioning as an instantaneous suggestion engine, Codeium aids developers by swiftly generating code snippets that align with their objectives. This tool’s ability to expedite the coding process, while not always yielding perfect results, undoubtedly contributes to heightened productivity.

ColPat: Simplifying Design Aesthetics

In the realm of design, ColPat steps in as a valuable tool for generating complementary color schemes and themes. Although not explicitly AI-driven, ColPat offers a streamlined approach to creating visually appealing designs for applications and websites. Its role in swiftly producing captivating design aesthetics underscores its value in enhancing developer productivity.

RegExGPT: Master RegEx

Regular expressions (RegEx) have long been a staple in software development, but their complex syntax often challenges developers. RegExGPT steps in as an AI-powered solution that provides real-time assistance in crafting RegEx expressions and even suggesting appropriate queries based on natural language prompts. This tool equips developers with a potent resource for parsing text strings efficiently.


Artificial intelligence and automation offer boundless possibilities for the future. Whether you’re striving to streamline code exploration, seeking real-time code assistance, enhancing design aesthetics, or mastering intricate coding techniques, AI tools stand ready to augment your productivity. Embracing these innovations, however, demands a reasonable approach where developer discernment is central to its success.

Having the right AI tool improves the developer’s routine tasks, debugging skills, or if they are creating a new code. AI technology will continue to evolve, and the synergy between human expertise will surely create new tools that will result in high productivity gains.

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