CoDev Philippines is ‘Great Place To Work’ Certified!

Landon Essig

May 20, 2022

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CoDev Philippines is ‘Great Place to Work’ Certified!

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CoDev Philippines has officially been certified by Great Place to Work® (GPTW), the global authority on workplace culture. Based on GPTW’s survey, 92% of our team members say that CoDev is a great place to work. This is significantly higher than the average 53% for most other companies based on GPTW’s Global Employee Engagement Study.

GPTW offers unparalleled benchmarking data and 30 years’ experience in culture research and consulting. Their employee surveys create a precise and reliable outlook of a company’s culture and employee perception, and are trusted by thousands of companies worldwide. 

What Makes CoDev a Great Place to Work?

According to our recent GPTW survey, the majority of our team members think highly of CoDev in terms of work culture. A whopping 98% think it is a physically safe place to work; 96% think that they are given the resources and equipment they need to do their job; and 94% think that our management is competent, approachable, and keeps everyone in the company informed of important issues and changes. 

We take great pride in our company culture, and we always make sure that our team members are not only skilled and well-equipped to do their jobs, but also satisfied with their work and our management. We strive to build and maintain a foundation of mutual trust and respect among our team members; a foundation we know is vital for creating a great work environment.

What Our Certification Means for You

A Great Place to Work® certification is an attractive selling point to applicants, which means we can get more qualified candidates for you when you need them. Our certification is also confirmation of our efforts to create an ideal workspace for our existing teams, and ensure their satisfaction and longevity in the company. That means that you can be assured of a fully-satisfied, reliable, long-term team member here at CoDev. 

With this certification, know that you’re also working with one of the best in the outsourcing industry. We go above and beyond to provide quality in all aspects, be it in our service or in taking care of our people.

Learn more about our GPTW certification on our GPTW profile. You could also talk to one of our representatives to learn more about how you can expand your team internationally with CoDev.

Landon Essig

Landon Essig

Landon Essig, a seasoned technology industry leader, has led product, sales, operations, and strategy in small companies, VC-backed startups, and large corporations across five continents. As CEO of CoDev, a software development company, and a partner at TENTH Network, a private equity firm, Landon drives innovation and investment in early-stage tech ventures. He holds an MBA from Brigham Young University and a BS in Accounting and Finance from Utah State University.

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