2023 Hiring Trends: How Your Business Can Keep Up

Jan Feliciano

May 4, 2023

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The job market has seen unprecedented changes in recent years, from the impact of the pandemic and the rise of remote and hybrid work arrangements to the effects of inflation and the looming threats of a recession. Because of these changes, many companies have found themselves facing recruitment difficulties and having to adapt at lightning speed or get left behind. 

2023 seems to have just as many hiring challenges in store for business owners, but there’s no need to worry– CoDev has got your back. CoDev is a software development staffing company that’s been building talented tech teams and trusted by its customers for over 12 years. CoDev is here to support your business through the highs and lows of hiring, so no matter what you always have the people on your team to help you scale and succeed.

Here are some of the biggest recruiting challenges you can expect for the rest of 2023 and how CoDev can help you through them:

  • The Skills Gap Continues. Companies continue to find it difficult to find qualified candidates. But fear not, because CoDev has the expertise to help you navigate this challenge. We can connect you with a global pool of software developers who possess the skills you need, without breaking the bank. We also have continuous training and development programs in place for all of our developers, so they always stay up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies.
  • The Great Resignation is Still Present. It’s a trend that’s continued since the pandemic, where employees seek greater flexibility and support from their employers or leave. At CoDev, we understand the importance of offering flexible work arrangements to attract and retain top talent. We can help you create a customized hiring plan that addresses the unique needs of your business, whether that means offering hybrid work schedules or providing support for employees’ financial concerns.
  • Long and Cumbersome Hiring Processes. According to iHire’s Annual State of Online Recruiting Report, several candidates said they’re more likely to apply at a company if they shortened application times, with close to 20% citing “long application processes” as a top job search challenge. At CoDev, we can streamline that process for you by providing support at every step, from writing job descriptions to conducting interviews. We can also help you avoid “ghosting” candidates (another challenging trend that appeared in the report, with more than half of employers expressing frustration over unresponsive applicants). We communicate with candidates throughout the process, ensuring a positive experience for them.
  • Diversity and Inclusion are also top concerns for job seekers in 2023. At CoDev, we can help you create a diverse workforce by connecting you with international developers from a range of backgrounds and experiences. We understand that without diversity, you cannot compete in the modern workforce.

As we navigate the challenges of hiring in 2023, CoDev is here to assist you every step of the way. With our expertise and global network of developers, we can help you find the right talent, create flexible work arrangements, streamline the hiring process, and foster a diverse and inclusive workforce. Let’s work together to make hiring in 2023 a success for your business! Take a look at our available talent now, or get in touch with us to schedule a call and learn more.

Jan Feliciano

Jan Feliciano

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