4 Drawbacks of Hiring Freelancers for Your Business


January 3, 2017

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Freelancers now make up 35% of U.S. workers and collectively earned $1 trillion in the past year”. This is according to a recent survey released by the Freelance Economy.

With the rapid rise of freelance nation, more and more companies in the United States are catching on to the trend. Today, many small and medium size businesses are hiring independent developers using freelance platforms and applications. But the question is: Are you ready to take on the risks that come with hiring a freelancer?

Although hiring independent workers may seem like an easy task, there are risks that you might encounter when you decide to hire one for your business. Below are some drawbacks when hiring a freelancer or independent worker.

Output Quality Issue

Sometimes there are instances when a freelancer may take on multiple projects at the same time. As a result, he or she will not be fully dedicated to your project, so the output tend to be mediocre. It’s also possible that miscommunication may happen when working with a freelancer. Since real time and face-to-face interactions are not done regularly compared with in-house or office-based workers, miscommunication may happen. The communication error may have a negative impact on your business, causing mistakes, low-quality output, or,  worse, delay of projects.

Availability Issue

When you hire an independent worker, (for example, a developer who will take on the tasks of writing codes and creating layouts for sites or developing a software application), you may face a risk of project delays. Why? Sometimes, freelancers usually have multiple projects at the same time. Hence, it might be possible that your freelancer may not be available when you need him or her to take on an urgent task. Also, adjusting time frames and shifting priorities may become a challenge since most freelance developers work on multiple projects at the same time.

Control Issue

Generally, you have less control over a freelancer than an in-house employee. When  you choose to hire an independent developer, you might find yourself having difficulty monitoring their work progress since some freelancers might choose to perform their tasks outside of normal business hours. Also, the lack of supervisory control may cause setbacks, disrupting the workflow of your business.

Confidentiality Issue

One of the biggest concerns when hiring a freelancer is confidentiality. While this is not a common issue, companies may still face the risk of getting their trade secrets exposed by freelancers. Some freelancers may make use of the codes and designs for their own advantage, which can jeopardize your business.

Bottom Line

For decades, the “gig economy” has transformed the way companies do business. Today, more and more people are working from home, and companies are thinking of hiring independent workers to save up on costs.
Although hiring freelancers have some advantages, the aforementioned risks may make you think twice about taking on an independent worker for your  business.

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