5 Advantages of Custom Recruitment

Joan Nadene

September 8, 2021

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Custom recruitment has become the standard for many companies when it comes to hiring highly-skilled professionals. But what exactly is custom recruitment and why should you go for it?

Recruitment. It sounds simple enough, but in reality, it can be anything but.

Take for instance when you plan to hire a developer. It’s not as simple as putting a “wanted: developer” ad out on social media or LinkedIn. You have to think about what kind of developer you need. Do you need to hire an app developer, or a website developer? Do you need the developer to be an expert in a specific field, programming language, or tool? And then of course, you have to think about what you’re able to offer that developer, and if your goals are realistic enough and match what you’re offering.

These are just some of the things you have to think about when recruiting, and there are many other things you have to think about and do. All this aside from the fact that finding the ideal candidate can be extremely difficult, especially if you need to fill several highly technical, in-demand positions.

Faced with this situation and a fixed project start date fast approaching, companies often turn to one sure solution: custom recruitment.

What Is Custom Recruitment?

Most companies today have become well aware of the fact that good people make good companies. It is not enough to hire whoever is available and willing to do the job at the lowest price. You need to be precise and set a standard for the people you hire, as they will not only be the ones building your products and offering your services, they will essentially be representing your company and brand. 

Custom recruitment is done by recruitment specialists and is focused on your particular staffing requirements and preferences. It provides what most companies are looking for today, as it allows them to get the exact staffing solution that they need.

Custom recruitment is very detailed, and can be laborious and time consuming. This is why even some companies that have internal HR will get the assistance of established recruitment companies to get it done. 

Why Choose Custom Recruitment?

There are a number of reasons why custom recruitment is preferred by a lot of companies. Custom recruitment offers several advantages:

Precision when hiring.

A lot of times, companies are unsure or unclear about the specific requirements that a potential employee should fulfill. Inaccuracies with these requirements can cause misunderstandings, unsatisfactory work, and/or unfulfilled duties later on, all of which can be problematic and costly.

With custom recruitment, the available position is thoroughly analyzed by recruitment specialists to help employers precisely identify the key competencies which are vital for achieving success in the position. The specific skills considered as an advantage only, as well as other employer preferences, are also identified in this process.

Alignment with demand.

In many cases companies will require the services of a specialist for only a certain period of time within their project timeline. Or due to fluctuating demand, they may need to augment their current workforce at one point, and scale it back in the next. Getting the right person for a specific job and only for a specific amount of time can be difficult, but with custom recruitment, it is simple and easy. You only need to specify what positions need to be filled and when, and the recruitment specialists can take care of the rest.

Save on costs.

While getting external recruitment specialists for your company may sound like an addition to your costs, in reality the opposite is true. Custom recruitment done by these specialists can greatly reduce the effort, hours, and financial costs that come with advertising the available position, contacting and interviewing each candidate, negotiating wages, and even training your new employee.

Finding people with specialized skills.

If you’ve ever attempted to find and hire a highly specialized professional you’ll know just how difficult it is. Not only are there a limited number of people with specialized training and experience in any one location, plenty of companies are often competing to hire these professionals. Companies will often spend extra time and money just to get the skilled talent they need, and even then that talent could still be nabbed by another company with a better offer.

Custom recruitment relieves you of this difficulty. Recruitment specialists have access to a much bigger and broader talent pool, and can more easily find the specialists that you’re looking for.

Ease in hiring.

Managing your business is hard enough. Having to also handle recruitment can only make things more difficult. Vacant positions need to be advertised on various platforms; applications need to be sifted through and narrowed down; then you’ll have to interview all the remaining candidates; make a compelling offer; and have to onboard and train the final chosen candidate.

All this requires a huge investment in time and effort, which is likely to divide your attention and possibly impact your business in a negative way. By letting recruitment specialists take care of the entire recruitment process, you can be assured of getting the exact, high quality talent you’re looking for, without having to do all of the arduous work.

If you’re planning on getting more skilled employees for your company but dread the hassle that comes with it, custom recruitment is your best choice. You’ll get the exact, highly skilled talent you’re looking for fast and easy. Jumpstart your own custom recruitment process today by getting in touch with CoDev.

CoDev is a software development outsourcing company that’s been in operation for over a decade, providing hundreds of highly skilled technical professionals to companies when they need them. Our recruitment specialists are experts at custom recruitment, always making sure to give our clients exactly what they’re looking for, as well as a hiring experience that is seamless and simple.

Whether you need to hire a developer, a web designer, virtual assistant, or any other highly skilled tech professional, you can count on CoDev. Learn more by getting in touch with CoDev today!

Joan Nadene

Joan Nadene

Joan Nadene, a seasoned content writer with a decade of experience in the field of outsourced work, wields a strong background in collaborating with offshore outsourcing companies and serving clients across diverse industries in the US and Australia. Joan has been an invaluable part of the CoDev team for over 7 years.

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