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June 17, 2020

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Let’s get the ball rolling in 6 easy steps.

You Identify

the job description for the developer you need.

You know your business better than anybody. Tell us about the software developer you’re looking for and we’ll help you find the skilled programmer that fits your needs. Feel free to be specific or extensive in the job description — the more information you give us, the better the pool of candidates we can generate for you. You can also explore profiles of readily available developers on our website (

We Recruit

and send you screened candidates to review.

We have six full-time recruiting specialists who are dedicated to finding the right developer for your business quickly. Each member of our recruitment team possesses years of experience when it comes to screening for candidates based on the qualifications set by our clients. Our aim is always to make sure the hiring process becomes easier and more efficient for you. Plus, we’ll find your developer at no additional cost to your business.

You Evaluate, Interview and Select

the right developer.

You have the final say with regards to which developer you will hire for your business, but we want to help you make the most informed decision possible. That’s why we don’t just send you a list of screened candidates to review — we also include CVs, video interviews, test results, and even samples of their coding. Throughout the recruitment process, we will also be regularly updating you regarding any progress. Furthermore, we can set up live interviews for you at your convenience.

We Hire

and get you additional head count without the headaches.

We don’t just handle the hiring process for you, we also take things a step further by taking care of the other potentially inconvenient tasks associated with recruitment so that you don’t have to. This means that you can leave wage negotiations, labor regulations, taxes, compliance, liabilities, and other related costs to us. We’ve got this, so just relax and focus instead on how you can make the most of the full-time software developer who just joined your team.

You Engage

by assimilating your developer into your team and choosing
the tools and processes you want to use to communicate
and work with them.

You can now begin taking full advantage of a developer or a team that will be working full-time for your company, dedicated to serving your business needs. As much as we value professionalism, we also believe in the importance of forging personal relationships with your CoDev team in order to
build trust and foster camaraderie.

Your new hire can now start plugging into your system and using the tools and processes that align with what you currently have. You can communicate with your personnel as often as you like, and your team will report directly to you.

We Provide

the office, workstation, HR, payroll, Foosball table, parties and
handle performance problems.

We have everything covered. Operating through our headquarters in Utah plus three offshore locations in the Philippines, we provide supervision for your team so all you need to do is assign them work and be there to answer questions and follow up as needed. On top of that, you can count on CoDev to provide your team with the HR, accounting, administrative, and technical support they need to perform at their best. And we know it’s important for them to have fun and enjoy perks too — that’s why we plan a healthy amount of fun through team outings, sports events, family days, and even Trick-or-Treating each and every year.

Start working with the developers you selected.

CoDev will work with you to schedule a start date and ensure that your developer is all set to go.
You have the qualified developers you need! “The ball is in your court!”



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