Why Your Software Project Needs Committed, Long-Term Employees

Joan Nadene

January 12, 2022

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Holding on to employees long-term is difficult these days. A survey done by Willis Towers Watson found that 3 in 4 employers found it difficult to attract employees, and nearly as many are having retention difficulties.

Jumping from one job to another has become a common trend, especially among Millennials and Gen Xers. And they have plenty of reasons for doing so: many companies are offering higher pay and better benefits, better opportunities for advancement, and remote working arrangements, among many others.

Faced with this reality, a lot of companies and project managers would opt to hire short-term employees instead. But doing so may actually hurt a software project, and prevent them from gaining advantages that only long-term employees can offer:

A Solid Knowledge Base

Long-term employees know the ins and outs of your project; what works and what doesn’t; how to overcome your project’s common challenges; and what is expected of them. They know your company culture, products, and services like the back of their hand. This type of knowledge is invaluable. It means higher productivity, since mistakes are often avoided. It also means excellence in service and performance, since your employees have already mastered their tasks and responsibilities over time.

Cost Effectiveness

Employee turnover costs money. Severance packages, unemployment compensation, payments for related administrative tasks, plus the costs of advertising the available position, screening applicants, conducting interviews, onboarding, and more. It’s much more cost effective to simply retain employees.


Long-term employees project an image of stability to customers and other members of your company. More importantly, they ensure project stability. If you hire a developer for instance, it would be preferable to hire one that will stay with you throughout the project timeline and beyond, to ensure your project stays on track.


You can rely on long-term employees to take on responsibilities that short-term employees simply cannot do. Long-term employees can be trusted with more complex tasks that involve sensitive data. Long-term employees can assist new employees, helping them to adjust more quickly and even turn into long-term employees themselves because of their example. Long-term employees are also more likely to develop close customer relationships, since they are able to work with the same customers over a long period of time.

So How Can I Hire Long-Term Employees?

For these reasons, long-term employees are vital to project success. But finding and hiring them can be difficult. It takes a lot of resources that many businesses simply cannot afford to spend. Fortunately, there is an easy, affordable, and guaranteed way to get the long-term employees you need, and that’s by partnering with CoDev.

CoDev offers dev staff outsourcing that provides companies with the long-term development staff they need at an affordable price. We have a proven vetting process in place that ensures quality talent dedicated to your project for the long haul. 

CoDev isn’t a project shop. We’re partners with our customers, providing them with developers as long-term placements. We’re committed to supporting you and ensuring you have the talent you need to achieve your long-term goals.

Make your business better by hiring the right long-term staff. Get started by talking to us today!

Joan Nadene

Joan Nadene

Joan Nadene, a seasoned content writer with a decade of experience in the field of outsourced work, wields a strong background in collaborating with offshore outsourcing companies and serving clients across diverse industries in the US and Australia. Joan has been an invaluable part of the CoDev team for over 7 years.

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