Why the Philippines is the Top Outsourcing Destination Globally

Jan Feliciano

June 23, 2023

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Outsourcing has become a viable solution for businesses to upscale with lower overhead. It’s an attractive option for foreign companies to remain competitive with limited room for operational costs.

A top outsourcing destination is the Philippines.

Well, for many reasons, but it all comes down to the value delivered and return on investment (ROI). The Philippines did well in the BPO industry and was ahead of other Asian countries.

Outsourcing in the Philippines is at a record high and is expected to continue. Building a team in the Philippines can be a good business move for companies with money. It can make them a lot of profit.

So, why should you outsource in the Philippines?


The same great talent at half the price you’d expect.

The cost of hiring a qualified software developer in the Philippines is significantly less than in Western countries. We are talking about paying less than one-third to one-half in salaries compared to US-based devs. Philippine talent is skilled and competitive globally, so you can expect quality results while spending less.

English Proficiency

Understanding is key to any business relationship, and in the Philippines, the English language comes naturally.

Filipinos are fluent in English, simply because it is the primary language used in business and education. 93% of people in the country can read and write in English. Only the US and Canada have more people who speak English well. Their neutral accent also gives Filipinos an edge over other English-speaking nations.


A Western university system is at par with the rest of the world.

The country regularly produces software developer graduates that can compete with those of Western universities. Every year, more than 37,000 students earn college degrees in various IT specialties, awarded by schools with international academic accreditations.

Work Ethic

Integrity. Respect. Fun.

Talent and skills are not enough without the right work ethic. Offshore teams in the Philippines have good values, integrity, and respect. This helps them do well in projects and tough situations. We make work fun and productive in Cebu to always get good results.


Embracing the latest in IT outsourcing.

Filipinos are good at using new technology, like IP telephony and social media platforms. They are also skilled in software development. The Philippines is the seventh biggest market for Facebook. The nation may be small, but it is always looking ahead to the future.


Providing a solid foundation in which offshoring can thrive.

The government helps software developers by giving them more resources and attracting investments in the IT and educational industries. This help improves IT and gives offshore teams more freedom to ensure good quality work.

Timezone Coverage

Covering all the gaps to reduce downtime.

As the Filipino working culture adapted to Western practices, timezone is likely not an issue for employees in the Philippines. Expect 24/7 operations from outsourcing providers like CoDev.

Hiring skilled workers in the Philippines is beneficial. They can work in different time zones, depending on their preference. This means you can have people working in the mornings or nights.

Economic Growth

One of the most compelling reasons to start outsourcing in the Philippines is its thriving BPO economy. The massive growth is indicative of the reliability the Filipinos bring to the table. It’s not surprising that the Philippines is now among the top outsourcing destinations in the world.

Filipino professionals are adaptable, so the industry’s revenue has increased a lot due to remote/hybrid work.

Choose the Philippines — Choose CoDev

The Philippines has emerged as the top outsourcing destination in the globe for several compelling reasons. Hiring skilled workers in the Philippines is cheaper than in Western countries. This makes it a viable option for businesses.

Organizations can hire top Filipino talents at a lower cost. Moreover, the high level of English proficiency among Filipinos ensures effective communication and understanding, which is crucial for successful business relationships.

The education system in the country is like Western universities and makes many skilled IT graduates. Filipino professionals have a good work ethic and values of integrity and respect. They can do great work and handle any problems that come up.

The Philippines also embraces the latest technology trends, making it an ideal choice for IT outsourcing. The government’s support and investment in the BPO industry and IT infrastructure further strengthen the foundation for offshoring success. With timezone coverage and 24/7 operations, businesses can reduce downtime and ensure round-the-clock productivity.

Furthermore, the economic growth of the outsourcing industry in the Philippines demonstrates the reliability and competence of Filipino professionals. Filipino workers have adapted well to remote and hybrid work, and the industry is doing well.

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To embark on your outsourcing journey with confidence, consider partnering with CoDev, a trusted outsourcing provider in the Philippines. CoDev can assist businesses in outsourcing with their knowledge and experience, ensuring quality and consistent outcomes.

Take the first step towards maximizing your business’s potential and explore the opportunities that outsourcing in the Philippines can offer.

Get in touch with our hiring experts today and unlock the advantages of working with top talents in the Philippines.

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