3 keys to successfully hiring AngularJS developers


March 5, 2019

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In order to find the right AngularJS developer for your exact requirements, you have to be strategic and efficient in your recruitment efforts, especially if you need to hire the person right away. In this post we present 3 key points that you need to remember so that you can recruit a skilled AngularJS expert that fits your business.

KEY #1: The job description you create

Don’t draft a job description for the sake of hiring the most skilled AngularJS developer out there. Instead, create a job description that is specifically tailored to the precise needs of your business or project. This way, you get a better chance of attracting applicants more suited to what you want to achieve.

Aside from being tailored, your job description has to be comprehensive. Make sure to clearly state not only the proficiencies and level of experience you are looking for, but also the expected responsibilities of the AngularJS developer you will be hiring.

In the job description, prioritize the must-have skills. Note that while the skill of AngularJS developers are rooted in the JavaScript programming language, you are not hiring just a JavaScript coder. Also remember that AngularJS developers should be proficient in HTML and CSS.

Follow this guide in determining the type of AngularJS developer you want to hire:

  1. If you are looking for somebody to lead a team working on a big project, hire a senior AngularJS developer
  2. If you are looking for somebody with extensive experience (3 years or more) to handle a small project, hire a middle developer
  3. If you are looking for somebody with minimal experience (2 years or less) to join a team, hire a junior developer

KEY #2: Maintaining your focus in screening and interviewing candidates

During the recruitment process, make sure you stay focused on acquiring the AngularJS developer that fits your needs, and not necessarily the applicant with the most experience or the best portfolio. Use your comprehensive job description as a guide during the initial screening process, especially in picking the most promising candidates for interview or further review.

For interviews, prepare your questions properly. Lift questions from the Internet if you need to, but choose only those that are most relevant to your project requirements. Don’t include trivia questions or puzzles. Instead, ask them about how they would go about completing an AngularJS task or solving a particular JavaScript problem.

KEY #3: The best practices you follow

Establish best practices related to AngularJS programming, with an added emphasis on following those most relevant to completing your project. Be guided with current available best practices and tips as documented by the AngularJS community.

Be aware that best practices don’t only apply to the development stage, but also for the testing, maintenance, support, upgrading, and cross-platform or cross-device compatibility.



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