AngularJS Developers: What They Do and How You Can Hire One


August 14, 2018

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So you’re a bit curious about AngularJS developers. Well, AngularJS is a front-end (or client-side) web application framework developed and maintained by Google, and by a community consisting of programmers and companies. Relatively young at only seven years old, it is an open-source framework that is based on the popular programming language JavaScript. AngularJS developers, of course, specialize in working in this language. In this post, let’s take a look at how they can help your business, and how you can recruit one for your company.

The Role of AngularJS Developers

Ever since the Internet became a big part of our everyday lives, websites have continued to evolve in many ways. Not only are they more efficient now in displaying content (and all sorts of multimedia), but they also have become better at the interactive side — engaging site visitors and giving them a pretty seamless user experience. This is made possible today because of the use of single page applications (SPAs), which are built by AngularJS developers utilizing JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

As a business owner with a web project in mind, you would want to create a website or web app that uses the latest in web development technology, and at the same time, aim for an end product that not only is consistent with your brand and identity, but one that is also easy to navigate and interact with for your customers or audience.

This is where an AngularJS developer comes in — because he is an expert in the front-end side of things, he basically takes care of every facet of the website or web app that the end users have access to or can interact with. It goes without saying that the focus is always in achieving optimum performance, whether the end user is browsing on a desktop computer or on a mobile device (smartphone or tablet).

Apart from handling the client-side aspects of a web project, AngularJS developers may also be required to work with other web development professionals, likely an HTML programmer and a graphic designer or a web developer. Of course, AngularJS developers may also have to coordinate with back-end developers throughout the course of developing a website or web app. Lastly, it would not be unusual to expect them to communicate with external web services.

Hiring an AngularJS Developer

So you have decided to hire an AngularJS developer, but you’re not sure where to start. Well, we could offer a few pointers.

First off, it helps if you already have a clear vision of what your web project is meant to do. Are you thinking of creating a web portal for your business, or are you looking to set up a website that features multimedia content (video clips, games)? Are you trying to overhaul an existing website or web app and optimize its performance? If you have a good idea of how the end product should be, then this should help guide you in finding the right AngularJS developer for the job.

Of course, the completion of the project will depend significantly on the skill set of the AngularJS developer you hired. So, what are the makings of great AngularJS developers?

Let’s go through the basics — as we might have mentioned earlier, they should display proficiency in core web programming languages like JavaScript, HTML, and CSS (plus precompilers such as LESS and Sass). They are also expected to be skilled in libraries and frameworks like Bootstrap or jQuery. Speaking of frameworks, good AngularJS developers are also quite adept in using build tools (that are based on JavaScript) such as Bower or Grunt, just to name a few.

Having other related skills is also a plus. Knowledge of good SEO practices is an advantage, mainly because any business would want its website to rank in Google’s search results. And even though the AngularJS developer’s specialty involves the front-end, it can’t hurt to also have basic knowledge and experience in the back-end aspects, including platforms or technologies used for the server-side programming.
However, the skills mentioned in the preceding two paragraphs only refer to the technical aspects of handling a web project. There is more to web development than just programming prowess — and even though AngularJS developers have a specialized skill, they also need to be good with other aspects, too.

For instance, excellent English communications skills are quite important, too. The ability to clearly express intentions and plans, and to process new information and feedback are essential for AngularJS developers, especially in the initial stages of a project.

Furthermore, they have to be able to work well with other teammates. As hinted earlier in this article, it is possible that AngularJS developers will be working with other programmers and professionals, not only during the early development phase, but also during the testing and implementation stages.

A dependable AngularJS developer also has excellent time management skills. No web project is ever the same, and each one may require its own unique time frame. Good AngularJS developers, though, have the ability to meet deadlines and complete deliverables when needed.

Finding AngularJS Developers on the Cheap

On an annual basis, AngularJS developers who are based in the United States earn more than $103,000 on average every year (per Indeed). If you own a small business and simply can’t afford to hire an AngularJS specialist in-house for a web project, you can still explore other options.

More specifically, you can try to look for AngularJS expertise from other parts of the world, especially in countries where getting software development skill is not as expensive as those in America. There are a number of very good freelance developers from across the globe, but if you’re looking for a professional that will be more focused on serving your web project needs and your business, you might want to consider offshore software development.

Wait — you might be wondering what exactly differentiates offshoring from outsourcing. Simply put, outsourcing means you’re acquiring the services of a third party programmer to do a job for you, whereas offshoring means you hire a developer who will be working for you full-time as an employee of your company, but he will be based in a country where labor costs are lower, like in the Philippines.

We happen to specialize in offshore software development, and if you give us a chance, we can make the whole process of hiring an AngularJS developer so much easier for you. Talk to us now about the specific needs of your project, and we will submit to you a pool of candidates that should fit your business and your budget. And when you have chosen your guy, we will set up the offshore office for your AngularJS developer and take care of the rest (so that you won’t have to worry about overhead and other fixed costs, the developer’s salary, HR, taxes, etc).

The only thing you have to do then is pay the monthly flat fee, and we promise you, it won’t cost you as much as hiring an in-house developer based in the US.



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