4 things to consider when hiring a Drupal developer


March 14, 2019

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When searching for qualified Drupal developers you will find a range of skills from entry level, to advanced. Getting beyond the keyword “Drupal” on their resume, how do you find that perfect candidate to join your team? We have identified four specific areas of focus which will help you in your recruiting efforts.

Consideration #1: Define the project requirements

As we speak with Recruiters and Hiring Managers, we find the most successful hiring happens when there is a clear understanding of project scope and details. It is important to take the time to define this as you will see a myriad of skills on the resumes you receive. Don’t allow yourself to hire the person with the most skills, but ensure you are finding the candidate who has the most relevant skills to your project. Decide early on which aspects of the project are most important and ensure you communicate in your recruitment efforts.

You and the candidate will find it extremely helpful to create a job description, where you define the roles and responsibilities, and other related tasks. Apart from the coding duties inherent in the position, also be sure to include any leadership responsibilities and collaborative roles, especially with other developers or other teams. For more tips on preparing a job description refer to our guide.

Consideration #2: Criteria for screening candidates

Use your job description as the main guide in establishing a criteria for candidate screening. Here are a few examples of proficiencies you may want to include:

  1. If your project requires general site development, hire a Drupal site builder.
  2. If your project requires mainly server-side programming, consider a Drupal back-end developer.
  3. If your project requires mostly client-side programming (theming), you should consider focusing on a front-end developer

If you are looking for seasoned developers, make sure to state clearly the minimum number of years of experience. This will also reduce the candidate pool saving time screening out junior candidates. Also, if experience with a specific version of Drupal is important (e.g. D4, D5, or D6) make sure you are communicating and screening that as well.

Always ask to see the candidate’s portfolio. Review the past projects the applicant has worked on, especially those that are related or similar to your project.

Consideration #3: Evaluating the developer’s skill

Assess the candidate’s level of proficiency by having them complete a coding assignment. The assignment should allow you to get an idea of the programmer’s coding accuracy, speed, and effectiveness in coming up with a solution. In some cases the logic behind their approach is equally as important as the coding.

You may find a shortcut here searching the web for a pre-templated test. A note of caution, many of these online assessments are generic and may not give you the level of detail you need to discern the candidates abilities as they pertain to your project requirements. For more strategies in evaluating a developer’s skill, check out this earlier post.

Consideration #4: Consider partnering with a developer staffing specialist

One of the main benefits of partnering with a staffing resource, is they are experts in screening and evaluating candidates. You will find that many of the tasks associated with recruiting team members that you find most challenging are areas of strengths for staffing companies. Choose a staffing partner who will analyze your Drupal needs carefully, and then find candidates who are not only qualified skills-wise and experience-wise, but also suitable for your project requirements.

That is what we do here at CoDev. We will take care of all the screening tasks, including the background checks, the scheduling of interviews, and the administering of coding tests. And because we believe in an efficient hiring process, you’ll find the Drupal developer perfect for your business without any delay.

For more information or to see how a staffing partner can help you expedite your hiring needs, why not contact us now?



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