Things to consider before you hire a mobile app developer


March 28, 2019

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To bring your mobile app project to life, you will need the expertise of a mobile app developer. But before you start looking for your developer, you will have to consider a few important things.

Know what platform your mobile app will operate on

Why this matters: The scope and nature of the development will depend on what platform your mobile app is intended to operate on. If you want it on Apple, you get an iOS app developer; or if you want it on Android, you get an Android app developer. If you are envisioning cross-platform compatibility, you get somebody or a team that can handle both.
If you’re unsure which platform to choose, see the brief guide below:

  1. iOS platformPros: Less fragmentation, which aids in quicker development and launch. Cons: Limited to Apple only.
  2. Android platformPros: Wider reach, simpler programming and can be easily integrated with third-party apps. Cons: More fragmentation, which could hinder testing and take more time to launch.
  3. Hybrid appsPros: Can work on both iOS and Android, reaching a wider audience. Cons: More time and costs in guaranteeing cross-platform compatibility.

Determine if your mobile app requires design aside from just development

Why this matters: Developers can finish your mobile app project faster if the design has already been taken care of. If the project hasn’t been designed yet, you may need to get a UI designer or a developer who can also do design. Either way, the addition of the design requirement equates to more hours and more costs.

Identify any special features ahead

Why this matters: Special features can help boost your mobile app’s usability, resulting to better customer engagement and even brand recognition. For instance, if you’re building a mobile app that has video streaming, special features like social media sharing and live chats can further enrich the user experience. For apps that involve bookings or deliveries, special features related to location data are a natural fit.

List the types of devices that will be used for the mobile app

Why this matters: To achieve optimum usability, your mobile app must display and function properly in a wide range of mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets, and even smartwatches and laptops. This means that the developers you hire must be adept in responsive design.

Anticipate the mobile app submission process

Why this matters: It’s either you do the app submission process yourself to app stores like Apple’s App Store or Google Play, or have the developer do it for you. If you go for the first option, you must secure the source code plus and make sure the NDAs are in place. With regards to the latter option, having your developer take care of the submission entails additional time and expenses.
If you want additional information about mobile app submission, visit these pages:

  1. Apple’s App Store Review Guidelines
  2. Google Play App Launch Best Practices

Map out the post-launch requirements

Why this matters: Even after the development work is done, you may still need your dev team to fix any bugs, do some maintenance, and incorporate new features and capabilities. These things will need to be discussed before you hire a mobile app developer.

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