A quick guide to hiring a UI designer


February 23, 2019

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You might have already hired a developer or two to bring your web or app project to life. Now all you need to do is get a UI designer to make sure your finished product is as intuitive, user-friendly, and visually appealing as you envisioned it. So here’s a quick guide on how to hire the UI designer who fits your needs.

STEP 1: List the skills and qualifications you absolutely need

Don’t just hire the first experienced UI designer you see. Define the exact requirements of your web or app project so that you can proceed to listing the skills and qualifications that your UI designer candidate absolutely must possess to get hired.

Also, before you hire somebody, establish the UI designer’s expected responsibilities and tasks according to your project’s needs. To give you an idea, a UI designer is generally expected to:

  1. Create a style guide for the look of the web or app project
  2. Ensure all graphics and visual elements are consistent with the style guide
  3. Set the navigation and behavioral flow for interactive scenarios (e.g. what buttons to show, how to display confirmation messages or errors, etc)

Accomplish all of the points above by simply creating a comprehensive job description. Not only does the job description serve as your guide in screening your candidates, it also helps you focus on identifying the exact requirements of your project and finding the right UI designer that understands your needs.

STEP 2: Do a portfolio check

Take the time to review the potential hire’s portfolio. Look for past projects that are similar or related to your web or app project, and if you can, access them and see if you like the design, the UI elements, and the overall navigation experience.

But don’t rely solely on portfolio checks. Conduct an interview with promising candidates and get them to talk about their skills, work background, and approach to projects.

STEP 3: Look for candidates with excellent communication skills

During the interview, take the opportunity to evaluate the candidate’s communication skills, especially with regards to how they express their thoughts, as well as how they process information in real time.
Remember that your UI designer will be working with other team members, likely developers, so picking a candidate with excellent communication skills.

STEP 4: Pick the UI designer who’s had experience working with developers

Choose a designer who has had previous experience partnering with a software developer. Make the designing and programming processes align more seamlessly by getting a UI designer who knows how to articulate his ideas to professional coders.

Likewise, a UI designer who understands how developers work will allow for smoother collaboration within the team, not only during the development stage but even during the testing and implementation phases.



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