4 quick tips when recruiting an iOS app developer


March 23, 2019

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Table of Contents

TIP 1: Create an iOS app developer job description

Make sure to complete an iOS app developer job description that is comprehensive, specific, and tailored to your app project requirements.

Start by listing the iOS developer’s expected responsibilities, tasks, and activities, based on the scope, nature, and exact requirements of your iPhone/iPad mobile app project. If the position involves more than just programming, include other duties such team leadership, collaborative meetings with other developers/staff, and maintenance/support.

Be specific in detailing which skills the iOS app developer must absolutely have in order to get hired. A good iOS developer is expected to possess:

  1. Expertise in Swift or Objective-C programming
  2. Proficiency in Xcode IDE
  3. Experience in APIs (such as UIKit, Cocoa Touch)
  4. Proficiency in Apple Human Interface Guidelines
  5. Experience in Metal or OpenGL
  6. Expertise in Git and other code versioning tools
  7. Proficiency in UI/UX design and Core Data frameworks

Don’t just list required iOS programming proficiencies blindly. Tailor your job description according to the exact requirements of the app product you want to build. This way you will be able to attract the iOS app developer that best fits your project.

TIP 2: Check the iOS app developer’s track record

Always ask to see the developer’s portfolio of completed apps, especially those designed to run on Apple’s mobile operating system. Check if the developer has existing mobile apps currently listed in the App Store, and read some reviews of those apps.

Concentrate on those candidates whose portfolios include projects that have similarities to yours. These applicants might have a better chance of grasping your requirements more quickly, and are likely to have gained the experience to tackle your app more efficiently.

TIP 3: Review testimonials from the candidate’s past clients

Check client references to get a better idea of how an iOS developer worked on a previous project. Take this opportunity not only in determining the skill level of the candidate, but also to find out how effective they were with regards to working with teammates, collaborating with other teams, communicating with their clients, and leading other developers.

TIP 4: Register as an iOS Developer with Apple

Set up an Apple ID and register as an iOS Developer with Apple. When your iOS app is completed, you will need your own developer ID in order to prepare your bank account for direct deposit. Moreover, the iOS app developer you hire will later submit your completed app on your behalf to the App Store to be approved by Apple.

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