Case Studies of Notable Successful Software Development Outsourcing Projects

Jan Feliciano

September 29, 2023

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Has software outsourcing services been an influential and important element in the success of companies?

The truth? Large and growing powerhouse industries used a software development outsourcing company in strategies that hired software engineers and others whose specific technical expertise was useful for these startup companies to become the established companies we know today.

Success stories are often drawn from the pragmatic choices of industry leaders. Here, we delve into a series of compelling case studies that shed light on how software outsourcing companies played an indispensable role in the triumphs of these renowned companies.


Did you know that the giant company grew because of software outsourcing company partnerships? In Jack Ma’s book, “Alibaba: The Inside Story Behind Jack Ma and the Creation of the World’s Biggest Online Marketplace,” he revealed that Jack Ma has outsourced software development talents from the United States!

He hired remote developers so that his market would not just be focused on the Chinese, but people worldwide would also purchase from him. His secondary motive was to prioritize finding talents that he could not find locally in the house team.

Alibaba’s Outsourcing Software Development Story

Alibaba’s journey commenced in 1999 and was pivotal in its astounding success. With a staggering 674 million annual active subscribers and a commanding 60% share in the Chinese eCommerce market, Alibaba is a testament to the power of outsourcing software solutions. Jack Ma’s visionary approach extended beyond the conventional boundaries of language and geography.

The decision to recruit remote developers from the United States broke down communication barriers that were scarce within local boundaries. Through this adept utilization of outsourcing services, Alibaba reshaped the eCommerce landscape and proved that the world is a market waiting to be tapped.


The famous global messaging giant WhatsApp surprisingly used outsourcing companies to hire the talents of experienced developers that they need at cost-efficient prices. As the talents locally were expensive, WhatsApp sought highly skilled developers in Russia at minimal operational costs. WhatsApp, boasting an impressive 1.5 billion active users, traces its transformative journey back to a strategic outsourcing decision.

WhatsApp Outsourced Web Development

Co-founders Jan Koum and Brian Acton astutely recognized the potential of a full software development services outsourcing company to achieve a harmonious blend of quality and affordability. With a vision to optimize quality while minimizing operational costs, they entrusted their web development to Russian app developers, a decision that would shape WhatsApp’s trajectory.

This ingenious approach allowed WhatsApp to tap into a pool of highly skilled software developers that might have been prohibitively costly to find locally. By strategically outsourcing their web development, WhatsApp attained the twin goals of top-notch quality and budget-consciousness. The outcome? WhatsApp emerged as the third most downloaded Android app worldwide, a testament to the power of leveraging an outsourcing strategy to achieve remarkable technological feats. With a projected engagement of 25.6 million users in the USA by 2021, WhatsApp’s strategic outsourcing choice continues to shape its remarkable journey of global connectivity.


We’ve seen many companies outsource software development for their developers, but that’s not the only skill set that can make or break a company! The cloud-based proprietary instant messaging platform Slack outsourced its product design to a web designing company! Everything from the logo to the web design and even the mobile app design was worked on by outsourced teams.

‘Slacking’ in Web Design

This company entrusted its product design to a web designing company, a testament to the far-reaching impact of outsourcing a software development project. As a result of offshoring, Slack has garnered more than 10 million daily active users, a testament to its intuitive design and seamless user experience.

Generating a staggering revenue of 401 million USD in 2019, Slack’s strategic outsourcing decision remains a beacon for companies worldwide looking to amplify not just their development but also their visual appeal. The platform’s successful adoption highlights how outsourcing software development companies can effectively extend to diverse areas of expertise, ultimately contributing to a product’s widespread acceptance and success.


The famous telecommunications application Skype has its success built from outsourcing almost every aspect of software projects to their web development team. They had a great product idea but could not find an affordable team to execute it. And so they turned to an outsourcing company.

Idea to Application through Outsourcing Software Development

Skype, renowned for its exceptional video chat, voice calls, and instant messaging services addressed a critical challenge through strategic software outsourcing by leveraging the capabilities of European web developers.

This astute decision proved transformative for Skype. By outsourcing its core business and software development and entrusting its software development work to adept external teams, Skype converted its promising concept into a fully operational and user-friendly application. The result was a telecommunications sensation that resonated globally.

The success of Skype was so pronounced that it caught the attention of Microsoft, leading to its acquisition. Presently boasting an impressive 300 million monthly active users and nearly 1 billion downloads, Skype’s meteoric rise owes a significant debt to its strategic embrace of software development outsourcing.


GitHub faced a challenge from the startup in developing its Minimum Viable Product (MVP). Strapped for resources, the company couldn’t afford to create the MVP internally. Enter a pivotal decision shaping GitHub, the software development company’s trajectory: they outsourced the MVP development to a consultant, Scott Chacon. This strategic move overcame financial constraints and introduced an individual who would later become a key player in GitHub, the software developer’s journey.

Github’s Software Development Outsourcing ‘MVP’

The outsourcing of the MVP marked a turning point for GitHub. Scott Chacon’s involvement extended beyond a one-time project manager and management call. His contributions to GitHub in software development were so impactful that he eventually assumed the company’s former Chief Information Officer (CIO) role. This collaboration facilitated the development of GitHub’s backend, laying the groundwork for the platform’s remarkable evolution.

Fast forward to today, and GitHub stands as a testament to the success that can be achieved through strategic software development outsourcing. Boasting over 40 million developers and over 44 million repositories created within a year, GitHub’s growth is a direct outcome of its cost-effective utilization of external talents.


The stories of Alibaba, WhatsApp, Slack, Skype, and GitHub are compelling testaments to the transformative potential of strategic software development outsourcing. These industry giants, each with their unique trajectory, have harnessed the power of external expertise to drive remarkable achievements and reshape their respective domains.

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