Case Study: FMG Suite’s Expansion with CoDev’s Support


November 14, 2023

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FMG Suite, a leader in marketing technology for financial advisors, boasts a record of exceptional customer satisfaction. To sustain and enhance this service quality while managing costs, FMG Suite faced the challenge of expanding their Customer Service Team in a cost-effective manner, with a focus on long-term retention.


FMG Suite’s commitment to being the all-in-one marketing technology platform for financial advisors necessitates a robust customer service framework. However, hiring a large number of customer service representatives in the U.S. was not only financially demanding but also presented challenges in terms of employee retention.


FMG Suite turned to CoDev to address this staffing challenge. CoDev’s expertise in placing offshore teams presented an optimal solution. Leveraging its vast network and experience, CoDev showcased its success stats in similar positions, assuring FMG Suite of the viability of this approach.


CoDev placed a team of 14 individuals tailored to FMG Suite’s specific needs. This team was not just a collection of skilled professionals; they were also matched for their alignment with FMG Suite’s mission and values, ensuring a smooth integration into the company’s culture.


The partnership between FMG Suite and CoDev led to significant improvements:

Increased Retention

The retention rate for customer service staff more than tripled compared to previous U.S.-based hires.

Cost Efficiency

FMG Suite was able to build a substantial customer service team at a fraction of the cost of hiring comparable talent in the U.S.

Sustained Customer Satisfaction

Despite the expansion and changes, FMG Suite continued to deliver the high level of customer satisfaction they are known for, maintaining their reputation as a leader in their field.

Client Testimonial

FMG Suite acknowledges the positive impact of the partnership: “CoDev’s ability to provide a dedicated and culturally aligned team has not only been cost-effective but also played a crucial role in maintaining the high standard of customer service that is central to our mission.”

Future Engagement

The success of this initiative has paved the way for potential future expansions and collaborations, reinforcing CoDev’s role as a strategic partner in FMG Suite’s continuous growth.

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