Top Ten Most Popular Programming Languages – Part 2


January 31, 2017

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Which programming languages are becoming the most in-demand in the tech sector?

In our previous post, we provided you with  five of the top ten most in-demand programming languages. Today, let’s continue learning more about the other five programming languages that made it into the TIOBE index. Check them out below.

Rank: 6
Rating: 3.171%
C# (pronounced C-sharp) is a multi-paradigm programming language that is well known for it’s simplicity. Created by Microsoft, C# runs on the .NET Framework and can be used for a wide range of enterprise applications. With it’s link to Microsoft and its varied uses in developing web applications, C# is still in consistent, steady demand.

Rank: 7
Rating: 2.919%
Considered the most popular language used to create web applications, the Hypertext Processor or PHP continues to be in-demand in the market. This programming language which ranked 6th in the TIOBE programming community index is easy to use by beginners and offers advance features for experienced developers. Companies look for PHP programmers who can design and build dynamic websites that are interactive and responsive.

Rank: 8
Rating: 2.862%
A dynamic  programming language, JavaScript is used to make web pages look cool and interactive by adding effects, displaying pop-up messages, and integrating games. Deemed as one of the world’s most popular and powerful languages, JavaScript integrates well with major web browsers, including Safari, Firefox, and Internet Explorer.

Assembly Language
Rank: 9
Rating: 2.539%
Assembly language is an intermediate-level programming language that consists of instructions in the form of mnemonic codes for microprocessors and other programmable devices. Although assembly language is not portable across multiple systems, this language is still useful for developers when speed is necessary to carry out operations that are not possible in high-level languages.

Rank: 10
Rating: 2.338%
Best known for being a practical extraction and reporting language, Perl makes system administration and text manipulation easier. This interpreted, multi-paradigm programming language developed by Larry Wall is considered as one of the best programming languages for system administration scripting and text processing. Since it’s a stable, cross platform programming language, many companies make use of Perl in a variety of applications, including network programming, GUI development, web development, and system administration.

Final Thoughts

With the plethora of modern and advanced programming languages available today, sometimes developers may find it difficult to choose which languages to learn and focus on in order to expand their skill sets. We hope that by providing you with this list of the most in-demand languages, you’ll know which ones to focus on and add as part of your programming skills.

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