The Top 10 Programming Languages of 2017 – Part One


January 13, 2017

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The world of coding is complex and immense. It’s made up of a diverse range of languages, some are more valuable than others. With the plethora of programming languages available nowadays, you need to identify which ones will become a part of your arsenal of abilities.

To help you understand which languages are preferred by developers and tech companies, read on. Here are the top ten programming languages listed by the TIOBE Programming Community as of December 2016. This list will provide you with insights into the most in-demand programming languages sought after by tech employers in the coming year.

Rank: 1
Rating: 17.856%
Considered as the most popular and widely adopted programming language by the PopularitY of Programming Language Index (PYPL), Java continues to dominate the job market. Today, it’s used by nine million developers and running on seven billion devices all over the world. Java’ staying power is due to the fact that it’s designed with readability and compatibility in mind since it could run on computers, smartphones,smart TVs, and other devices.

Rank: 2
Rating: 8.726%
Referred to as the grandfather of all modern languages, C is a powerful programming language that is the backbone of popular operating systems such as Linux, Windows, and OSX. Despite it’s age C programming is still in high demand and will likely to remain relevant in the coming years since most computer devices are partly or wholly written in C.

Rank: 3
Rating: 5.335%
Known for being a flexible and efficient general-purpose object-oriented programming language, C++ (pronounced C-plus-plus) is used to develop software infrastructure and resource-constrained applications. These include desktop applications as well as e-commerce, web search and SQL servers.

Rank: 4
Rating: 4.239%
Named after the Monty Python, this general-purpose programming language is great for beginners. Tagged as the “ language of the moment”, Python is considered as the best choice in introductory programming courses in various universities around the world. It also has the biggest demand growth with approximately 7 percent rate, following Java in popularity as reported by the PYPL.

Visual Basic .NET
Rank: 5
Rating: 3.302%
Visual Basic .Net is a powerful object-oriented computer programming language developed by Microsoft and implement on the .NET framework. This multi-paradigm programming language offers an easy and efficient way to create .NET-based applications, from desktop and mobile applications to XML web services and ASP web applications.
As the tech industry continues to expand its reach, you’ll see an explosion of programming languages in 2017. These are just five of the most popular programming languages that show no sign of slowing down next year.

Keep an eye out for number 6-10 coming in part 2 of this post, coming soon!



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