Case Study: Heggerty’s Strategic Partnership with CoDev


November 14, 2023

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Heggerty, a company dedicated to advancing literacy by providing teachers with robust educational resources, faced a significant hurdle in optimizing their customer relationship management system. As Heggerty expanded, their need for a specialized Salesforce developer became critical, yet the high cost of such talent in the U.S. market was prohibitive.


With the mission to foster literacy and prepare students for lifelong reading, Heggerty sought to invest their resources into product and service development rather than overhead costs. Building out their CRM was key to their future strategy.  However, the starting salary for Salesforce developers in the U.S. often exceeds $70,000, posing a substantial financial challenge for Heggerty, which aimed to keep expenses low without sacrificing quality.


Heggerty partnered with CoDev to address this staffing challenge. CoDev’s value proposition was simple: provide highly skilled, dedicated offshore developers at a fraction of the domestic cost. Through a meticulous selection process, CoDev presented Heggerty with an array of qualified candidates, ensuring not only technical expertise but also a good cultural fit for Heggerty’s team-oriented environment.


After an extensive vetting process conducted by CoDev, Heggerty welcomed a dedicated Salesforce developer to their team. This offshore developer offered the required technical skills and adapted seamlessly into Heggerty’s operations, thanks to the alignment in work ethic and values facilitated by CoDev.


The partnership yielded immediate and tangible benefits:

Cost Efficiency

Heggerty secured a skilled Salesforce developer at approximately 50% of the cost compared to U.S. market rates, allowing for reallocation of funds towards educational resource development.

Operational Efficacy

With the Salesforce developer on board, Heggerty experienced a significant reduction in their operational burden, enabling them to focus more on their core mission.


The success of this partnership has set the stage for Heggerty to expand their offshore team, thus enhancing their capacity for growth.

Client Testimonial

Shawn from Heggerty lauds the impact of the Salesforce developer, emphasizing the relief brought to the team: “Having a dedicated Salesforce developer has taken a lot off our plate. We’re grateful for the work and the value added by this collaboration with CoDev.”

Future Engagement

Heggerty and CoDev continue to work closely as they seek to further expand the team. This partnership stands as a testament to CoDev’s commitment to providing cost-effective, quality staffing solutions that empower clients like Heggerty to fulfill their mission more efficiently.

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