The Hottest Tech Talent Demands for 2017


December 7, 2016

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According to a recent article in Computerworld, the unemployment rate for tech workers is about 2%▬less than half the national average of non-farm unemployment. Competition for tech talent is fierce.

“The IT labor market is very hot,” says Jason Hayman, market research manager for IT staffing firm TEKsystems. Estimates of IT jobs that go unfilled every year range from 500,000 to close to 2 million. If you’re looking for talent in the IT space, be prepared for it to take a while.

The skills in the highest demand in 2017 are forecast to be:

Programming/application development

Companies need tech pros who can customize off-the-shelf applications, work on APIs and integrations, and develop proprietary software. Systems need to be maintained and upgraded. Companies across all sectors are seeing the need for developers to work on their custom technology solutions.

Because of the strong demand, companies are having to pay top dollar to attract top talent—if they can find it. Headhunted employees are demanding as much as 15% increases over their current salaries to move on to the next big thing.

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Help desk/technical support

Help desk staff remains in high demand because technology is integrated into virtually every aspect of our lives. It’s no longer considered an entry level position in many companies, mainly due to the technical nature of the products and services that companies are providing. According to staffing firm Robert Half, help desk professionals can demand as much as $80,000.


As white collar crime continues to evolve in the digital space, IT security is unsurprisingly in ever increasing demand. Additionally, due to the government’s increasing role in protecting the public from cybersecurity threats, as well as the litigation that can come from cybersecurity breaches, government and regulatory compliance is also a rapidly expanding business sector.


Cloud technologies integration and architecture engineering are growing so fast, it’s creating constant new opportunities for businesses and employees. Whereas cloud/SaaS isn’t so much a single skill, cloud-related positions comprise a range of skills that companies are looking for.

Business intelligence/analytics

Big data is big business and big hiring. Top candidates for BI/analytics jobs typically have math, engineering, and statistical backgrounds. They are often also skilled in data-related programming languages such as SQL. And they’re business-savvy and know how to mine the data and apply the results of their findings.

Companies hope understanding the data better will lead to more opportunities to increase revenue, cut costs, and improve their competitive advantage and drive business strategy.

Finding these and other technical skill sets in available talent in 2017 isn’t going to be any easier than it’s been in 2016. However, CoDev can help. We leverage the global marketplace to bring top talent to small and medium sized businesses that may not be able to afford the headhunting and increasing salaries of today’s domestic tech talent. And our clients tell us that the developers we hire for them are “just as good” as their in-house team.

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