6 Mobile App Development Trends to Dominate in 2017


February 15, 2017

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“The overall number of mobile phone users is expected to grow to 4.61 billion in 2016 and 4.77 billion in 2017.”Device Atlas

With smartphones firmly established as an integral part of our daily lives, it’s no wonder that  companies are looking for ways to enter the race to build powerful mobile apps.

Today, there are hundreds of mobile apps that are fueling the tech revolution and reshaping the world. Want to know what trends in the mobile app development will likely dominate the coming year? Then read on.

Here’s a list of emerging trends in the mobile app development landscape in 2017.

Cloud-Based Mobile Apps

A recent “State of Application Delivery” survey from the F5 Network revealed that 81% of the 3,000 or more businesses are planning to make their big move to the cloud. With the many benefits the cloud environment has to offer, such as enhanced security, efficient disaster recovery, and increased collaboration, more and more companies are planning to move to the cloud to improve their business.

Augmented Reality (AR) Apps

Augmented reality has played a role in the mobile gaming zone for years. However, in the coming year the AR technologies will no longer be limited to games and entertainment. With the integration of AR to utility apps, developers are actively applying this new technology for travel apps, live streaming, and even treating phobias and psychological disorders.

Android Instant Apps

The Android Instant App is Google’s newest technology that allows Android apps to run instantaneously without requiring installation. It’s the perfect solution for a quick mobile experience since you won’t have to download the app and then install it.


Developers are upping the ante when it comes to creating intelligent, unique, and user-friendly wearable apps. Thanks to the Google Glasses and the Apple Watch, wearables are becoming hot commodities in the tech world. As the demand grows for wearables, app developers will need to focus on creating these devices to improve productivity and efficiency.

Location-Based Services (LBS)

Located-based services make use of real-time geo-data from mobile devices to provide information, security, or entertainment. With tech giants like Apple and Google investing heavily on LBS, the market is ready for the development of LBS applications that can be used for location-based payments, indoor mapping, navigation and information services as well as safety and security.

The Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things is gaining momentum with the advent of smart devices and wearables available today. As more and more devices are trying to connect to the internet, it is expected that the apps that cater to IoT will gain traction in the coming year.

Final Thoughts

Mobile apps and technologies are crucial parts of the business world. These aforementioned trends will surely be making a huge splash in the mobile app development landscape in the coming year.

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