Tips to follow when hiring a Java developer


March 7, 2019

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There is no shortage of Java developers in the world today, so in order for you to hire the Java developer that fits your specific business requirements, you need to streamline your screening process. Below are a few tips on how you can do just that.

TIP 1: Check if candidate’s proficiency aligns properly with your job description

Good for you for already preparing a Java developer job description, but if you haven’t, you can refer to our guide. To be more efficient in finding the right candidate, pay attention only to CVs that match the proficiency, experience, and responsibilities listed in your job description.

Always prior must-have skills over nice-to-have skills. When reviewing resumes, pick candidates whose core proficiency aligns with the must-have skills you listed in your job description. This is to ensure that regardless of whatever other additional skills the applicants may have, they already possess the absolute needed expertise you need.

TIP 2: Evaluate the level of skill

Read our quick guide about effective strategies you can use in order to properly evaluate the qualifications of software developers. For the shortcut version, especially with regards to finding a skilled Java developer, read on below.

Check for certifications that are Java-related. Look for candidates who are Oracle Certified (formerly Sun Certified), Certified Professional, Certified Expert, Certified Master, or Certified Associate.

Ask to see the candidate’s portfolio. Peruse through the applicant’s track record so that you can make sure he has experience in working in projects that are related to your business. Again, focus on past work that aligns with the must-have skills you need.

Give a coding test to applicants. Specifically, administer one that will allow the candidate to demonstrate his expertise in an area of Java programming that your business requires.

TIP 3: Do an interview

Take advantage of the interview process in order to determine a few important things:

  1. How the applicant communicates, expresses ideas, or processes information in real time
  2. How the candidate describes his or her approach to tackling projects or shouldering other responsibilities
  3. The candidate’s expectations regarding the position and whatever questions relevant to the job

For more interview tips, read this earlier post.

TIP 4: Get a reliable software developer recruiting company

Partner with a company that specializes in recruiting software developers who are not only skilled, but also affordable. More importantly, join forces with a company that can analyze your specific business needs, and find the developer that perfectly complements your requirements.

That’s exactly what we do here at CoDev. We will handle the usual recruitment tasks for you, including the screening of applicants, the background checks, the setting up of interviews, and even the administration of coding tests. We always aim for an efficient hiring process without any delay, which translates to better results and less hassle on your part. Contact us now.



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