4 tips in hiring a Joomla developer


February 21, 2019

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Hiring a Joomla developer can be tricky, but finding the candidate that best fits your project requirements can be made easier if you follow the simple tips we have outlined below.

TIP 1: Identify the specific Joomla skill-set that your business needs

You should specify beforehand the exact Joomla skill-set you are looking for, be it website building, website design, template adapting, or development of extensions. If your project absolutely requires all of these abilities, then by all means search for candidates with all-around Joomla capabilities.

But if your product is in need of a very specific Joomla skill, then your recruitment efforts should be based on that particular criteria. Give more importance to Joomla expertise that your business must acquire, as opposed to blindly hiring a candidate with only a basic familiarity with the Joomla content management system.

TIP 2: Use a skills test

Take advantage of a Joomla quiz in order to focus on candidates who are truly qualified. This way, you can save time and effort and at the same time, weed out applicants who are not really skilled but only claiming to be so.
Use readily available Joomla online assessment tests, or better yet, if you already have a skills test of your own, use that in order to determine which one from the applicant pool is most fitting for your project’s needs.

TIP 3: Prepare the right interview questions

Start with the interview questions that revolve around technical proficiency. These questions should let you know if the candidate really is an expert when it comes to Joomla coding. For a sample list of technical questions, you can check it here.

Also, be ready to ask the applicant about his or her previous work experience as a Joomla developer. Let the applicant explain his or her responsibilities or approach with regards to development, testing, and troubleshooting.

TIP 4: Ask for a portfolio of the candidate’s previous work

If you encounter a promising candidate, proceed to reviewing the applicant’s portfolio. Take this opportunity to see if the Joomla developer’s previous output suits your project requirements or matches what you are aiming for in your product.



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