Tips for Hiring a Joomla Developer


August 16, 2018

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So you’re thinking of hiring a Joomla developer? If you’re looking for one, there is no doubt that you already know what a Joomla expert is capable of. But for the benefit of those who have no idea yet what a Joomla developer’s job is, just know that this type of developer specializes in using Joomla, an open-source content management system (just like Drupal, check out our earlier post here) developed by Open Source Matters.
And similar to Drupal developers, the range of Joomla developers is quite varied — they can choose to further specialize in either website building, website designing, template adapting, or developing extensions.

Tip #1: Identify your project goals

Sure, you can always ask for Google’s help and just type “how to hire a Joomla developer” on the search bar. There is nothing wrong with this approach, but diving headlong into the search process without even stopping to think about the exact requirements of your web project may not be the most efficient way to do it.

It’s okay if you’re not a techie guy — you can still be specific with regards to your project goals even without sounding technical. You just need to ask yourself some simple questions like what kind of website you want the Joomla developer to build. Is it going to be an online store, or a blog that offers information? Is it going to feature multimedia (videos, games) or mostly text and simple photos? Are people going to log in to your website, or they can just fill in a contact form?

If you are building a website for business, then it would only be natural for you to try to find a Joomla developer who can understand your business needs. The bottom line is that before you get your guy, you need to know what you want that guy to create for you.

Tip #2: Consider scalability and possible expansion

Project goals can sometimes change through time. If you started out as a small business, your website would likely be less complex on the outset. But as your enterprise grows, it is quite possible that your website will also need some updating or upgrading in the near future. This is why it is important at times to consider scalability ahead, even if some things are not crystal clear just yet.

Of course, the best Joomla developers already know that the sites, modules, or processes they help set up will eventually go through some changes at some point in the future. But if the business owner makes it a point to inform the developer firsthand of any potential expansion, it should create some allowance that could prove useful somewhere down the road, whether or not you’re still getting the same Joomla expert or another guy.

Tip #3: Do your research

It pays to do your homework, not only in relation to determining the requirements of your project (see Tip #1) and in anticipation of future changes (Tip #2), but also with regards to which type of Joomla developer you are going to need.

In this section, the use of the term “research” can be broad. It could also encompass any cost-benefit analysis that you have to do in mapping out the options that you have to consider. Quite obviously, one big factor that you will have to mull over is which type of Joomla developer can you afford. True, those who specialize in Joomla may not earn as much per year as your PHP developers or Java developers, but they still command a sizable salary.

Tip #4: Screen your Joomla Developer candidates wisely

As mentioned earlier in this post, the skill set may vary depending on the type of Joomla developer. The key then is to spot the Joomla developer skill that fits your project or business needs. For instance, Joomla developers that build websites or work on web templates should be quite versed in the HTML and CSS programming languages. Suffice it to say that knowledge in PHP is a basic requirement, simply because Joomla itself is based on PHP. If your project or business involves maintaining a database, you could do well to find a Joomla developer with excellent MySQL skills. Other qualifications to watch out for include XML skills and proficiency in template creation.

Programming skills are cool and all, but if you want to find a reliable Joomla developer, you can take note of other non-technical qualifications. For example, experience is always a plus, and a Joomla developer that can present a more prolific portfolio is likely more dependable than one with only a limited track record.

Project management, time management skills, and communication skills are also important. One can get far with technical skills, but working with a Joomla developer who possesses these other attributes assures you that throughout the course of the project, you can continue to lean on him to complete his deliverables, beat the deadline, and of course, coordinate with you clearly through calls, emails, or chat.

Tip #5: Don’t hire blindly

All the tips we have outlined so far are easy to understand and some may even be self-explanatory. But the truth is: the doing part is almost always harder to pull off. This may be more true for some business owners who can’t always afford to expend resources in hiring the right Joomla developer, especially when they are, you know, actually busy with running their business.

This is why it is perfectly okay to get some help or better yet, find a partner. As a company that specializes in offshore staffing, we know we can help small businesses gain access to skilled software professionals (including Joomla developers) at a lower cost, but we also understand that availing of offshore software development is a decision that should be made carefully.

But if you are open to the idea of exploring this option, we will be glad to help you make a more informed decision. After all, the only way CoDev can succeed is if we help our clients improve their business, specifically by allowing them to hire a software developer who can work for them full-time in a country with lower labor and overhead costs. So if you’re willing to give offshore software development a try, feel free to contact us anytime.



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