3 easy tips when recruiting a React developer


February 9, 2019

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It’s great that you have decided to hire a React developer, but in order to recruit the perfect candidate for your business needs, you must follow these three quick tips.

TIP 1: Prepare your React developer job description

Create a job description that lists the React development expertise and experience that your company absolutely requires. Always prioritize and quantify the must-have skills that you are looking for in a React developer.

When listing the responsibilities your React developer, make sure to state clearly the expected tasks specific to your business needs, be it writing codes and programs, testing, or debugging beta versions. Lastly, specify if the job includes a leadership role.

If you need help in preparing a React developer job description, use this template as guide.

TIP 2: Know where React developers are usually found online

These are the usual places in which you can find React developer talent:

  1. Reactjs.org. Visit the official Reactjs website and then proceed to its Community/meetup page where you can get in touch with React developers from various cities in the United States and even from other countries.
  2. LinkedIn or Facebook. Type “React” on LinkedIn’s search bar, plus the corresponding location/type (e.g. United States, Worldwide, Remote Jobs). Or visit Facebook’s React Native Community Public Group, which has a growing community of React experts.
  3. Freelance developer websites. Go to Toptal, Upwork, Guru, Freelancer, Fiverr, or Staff.com.

Be aware, however, that looking for a skilled React developer from online sources and on your own will surely take time and much effort in your part. But if you want to be more efficient in finding the right React developer for your company, you should follow the next tip.

TIP 3: Partner with a staffing company that will handle the hiring process for you

Join forces with a staffing company that specializes in hiring full-time, remote developers, including those who possess React expertise. This is what we do here at CoDev — we analyze your business needs and then handle the recruitment process for you in order to find the exact React developer you are looking for. We will screen candidates, conduct background checks and skill tests, and even schedule interviews with applicants at your convenience. Once you hire your remote React developer, we will also take care of the HR and payroll oversight, the IT infrastructure, and tech support for your newest team member.



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