Your step-by-step guide to hiring an Android app developer


February 16, 2019

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It’s good that you already have a clear idea of the Android mobile app product that you want to release. In fact, you already have a detailed description of the functionality of your app, and your next step is now to hire an Android app developer who can bring your vision to life. To help you, we give you four easy steps to achieve your plans.

STEP 1: Define the requirements for your Android developer

First and foremost, identify the must-have skills you require from your Android app developer. A skilled Android app developer is expected to be proficient in the following:

  1. Java
  2. XML
  3. Android Software Development Kit (Android SDK)
  4. Android Studio
  5. Integration of third-party APIs (application programming interfaces)
  6. Material Design
  7. Certifications (optional): Associate Android Developer (Google), Android Certified Application Developer (Android ATC)

If your app project requires other specific skills and proficiencies, be sure to identify them before you start the recruitment process. The more you define your project requirements, the better your chances of finding the Android app developer most fitting for your product.

STEP 2: Determine the post-development responsibilities and supports

Don’t forget to define the processes and tasks involved after the app development stage. Remember that your Android app developer will still be in charge of or get heavily involved with these tasks, which include the following:

  1. App testing
  2. Bug fixing
  3. App submission to Google Play
  4. App support and maintenance

Make sure you got Step 1 and Step 2 covered by completing a comprehensive job description for your Android app developer. This job description will fully list all the absolute required skills you are looking for in your developer, and it will also contain the expected programming responsibilities, as well as the post-development and support tasks that come with the job.

STEP 3: Review previous completed projects of candidates

Take advantage of the job description you prepared in order to attract promising candidates for the Android app developer position. Narrow down your list of the most qualified applicants by asking to review their portfolio, specifically past Android app projects that they have completed.

Test-drive the applicants’ completed apps if you have time. Concentrate on those apps that have similarities to the app that you want built.

Even if you can’t always find the time to test-drive apps, be sure to go through the portfolio of candidates so that you’ll get an idea which applicants have a better or a more diverse track record when it comes to Android app development.

STEP 4: Partner with a staffing company who can tailor your recruitment process

Collaborate with a recruitment specialist so that you can hire the Android app developer that fits your app project quicker. Find a staffing company that will extensively study your Android app development requirements, and then tailor the screening process to allow you access to the most qualified candidates in lesser time.

This is what we do here at CoDev. We’ve been recruiting software developers since 2010, and our team of recruitment specialists will compile a list of candidates according to your job description, and even do the background checks, administer coding tests, and even schedule interviews at your most convenient time. Contact us now.



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