How to Hire an iOS App Developer


August 9, 2018

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First of all, why should you hire an iOS app developer? Let’s look at the numbers — according to Finder, it was estimated that more than 42.4 million units of iPhones were bought last year in the United States. That is already a very high figure, but it does not include existing iPhone users who decided not to purchase a new iPhone in 2017. But just to give you an idea, Statista says that there were 82.5 million iPhone users in America in 2015.

That was three years ago, which surely means that the real population of American iPhone users is even bigger. So if you happen to be an owner of a small or medium enterprise and you are looking to create a mobile app for your business, it makes super sense for you hire an iOS app developer.

What Makes iOS App Developers Unique

We have already posted a quick guide on hiring an Android developer earlier, and it pays to illustrate the main differences between those who specialize in building apps for the Android mobile operating system and those who do the same thing for Apple’s iOS platform.

Developing apps for Android mostly involves using the programming language Java, as well as other related languages and frameworks. One can say that the open source nature of Android allows app developers some degree of customization and even allow them to integrate other tools into their apps.

iOS app developers are a different breed altogether, simply because they use Apple’s Objective-C language (usually). The iOS platform is generally considered a more exclusive system compared to Android, which is more flexible. In other words, Android can be versatile, while iOS is more specific, especially in what developers can and can’t do.

Because Apple is more strict, the result is that the overall platform is more stable and less buggy. Of course, all of that is useless if the iOS programmer can’t do his job right. So what do you look for if you want to hire a good iOS app developer?

Qualities of a Good iOS App Developer

Background in iOS programming languages.

As we may have mentioned earlier, a good iOS app developer has to have knowledge of Objective-C. Also, the guy you’re looking for must know Swift and object-oriented programming.

Knows how to use iOS Development Environment & Frameworks.

This is where the developer will find libraries of code and methods that will be used to build a mobile app that will run on iPhones (and iPads). These tools can be accessed through Apple’s framework application programming interfaces (APIs). They include Apple Xcode IDE, Cocoa Frameworks, Apple UIKit Framework, and Core Graphics, among many others.

Skills in software architecture, UX and UI design, and design patterns.

Why is software architecture important for an iOS app developer? Simply put, the architecture dictates the front-end and back-end requirements of the app. It also decides how the app can be expanded upon in the future. As for UX and UI design, this in where the developer will start designing early models in which he can continue to develop the code and fine-tune the app functionalities.

Of course, knowing design patterns will aid him significantly throughout the development process, with the ultimate goal of creating a seamless and smooth interface and user experience (a standard for any app running on an iPhone).

Use of third-party platforms.

Skilled iOS app developers can also make use of third party platforms that facilitate app development in JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. Examples of such platforms are Appcelerator Titanium, PhoneGap, and Xamarin.

Experience and Adaptability are Key

Examining a candidate’s portfolio of mobile apps is obviously a good place to start when trying to evaluate a potential iOS app developer hire’s experience. A developer who has had several apps listed in Apple’s App Store is a good sign, considering that when compared to the Google Play Store, the App Store has a more challenging app approval process (apps are tested extensively for bugs, and the approval process could take time).

On top of experience, adaptability is also important. Every year, new iPhone models hit the market, which means that your iOS app developer has to keep up with the new features (along with the changes that come with release of a new version of iOS).

The Costs of Hiring an iOS App Developer

There’s no sense beating around the bush, so we’ll just go ahead and say it — the average annual salary for an iOS app developer based in the United States is more than $110,000 per year, per Indeed.
It needs to be said that the costs may vary greatly depending on what type of iOS app you are planning your developer to build.

Simple apps for iPhones will likely cost you under a hundred thousand bucks yearly. But be aware that the more complex your app is, the costs usually get bigger, too.

Alternatives to In-House App Development

The good news is that you don’t have to go in-house if you are looking to acquire the services of an iOS app developer. As a matter of fact, you can try outsourcing the app-building to a freelance programmer, perhaps one that is based within the state, or within the country.

If you want to explore more options, you can even look for iPhone app expertise from other nations like Israel, India, or the Philippines. While we are on the subject, you might as well consider availing of offshore software development.

It’s okay if you have never heard of it, but in the simplest terms, offshore software development basically means hiring an app developer that is based offshore. No, this programmer will not be working on a freelance capacity, but rather as a member of your own. He will be your full-time employee, dedicated to developing your iOS app, within a regular workday shift, but in a different country, specifically the Philippines, where the labor costs are low (as much as 50 percent less than US counterparts), but the skill is competitive.

Allow Us To Help You

We know how offshore software development works, having done this thing since the start of this decade. And we can find the iOS developer you need to start building your iPhone app. And once we have assembled an offshore team here in the Philippines, you need only worry about the real work (coordinating with your guy in developing your iOS app) and paying a flat monthly fee. Recruitment and hiring, HR, taxes, overhead, office space lease, and equipment — we got that covered. Contact us now.



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